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  About Swiss Correctives Skin Care

F. Katalin von Andrassy, M.E.
Founder and CEO

Ms. Franciska Katalin von Andrassy, the creator and founder of Swiss Corrective Skin Care products is a licensed and certified Medical Aesthetician. She has practiced in New York, Paris, Monte Carlo, Switzerland, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas and Budapest. Ms. Andrassy received her education/training in cosmetic dermatology and chemistry from the prestigious University of Hungary and received continued teachings and education from one of the leading creators of Retin A ď˝®. It was Ms. Andrassy's education and desire that served as the foundation for her relentless research and dedication to developing the formula that has made her products so extraordinarily effective.

Throughout Europe, Swiss Corrective Skin Care products continues to be the foremost recognized Anti-Aging and corrective skin care line used by people of all ages. Due to the overwhelming demand for Swiss Corrective Skin Care products, Ms. Franciska Katalin von Andrassy, is now making her entire skin care line available to the world. For years, Swiss Corrective Skin Care products has helped the most recognizable faces in the world maintain a clearer, radiant and healthier youthful look. From models around the world and movie stars in Beverly Hills to dignitaries in Washington D.C. Swiss Corrective Skin Care is the preferred choice of skin care products to treat and maintain a clear and healthy complexion.

We at Swiss Corrective Skin Care are excited and proud to welcome and present to you our fine line of skin care products. Please enjoy our products and do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have questions or a specific skin condition that, you would like our assistance in helping you to treat.


For more information, feel free to read our blog and our Swiss Corrective YouTube Channel for the best acne tips and advice for guaranteed flawless skin. We also encourage clients to send questions and photos for evaluation free of charge to find the best acne solution for you.